Experiences – Prairie Elevator Tea House and Museum

For those looking to visit Acadia Valley and its massive grain elevator, here's an itinerary for a day trip of fun through Alberta Special Areas.

IMG_6217What was once the central hub for Acadia Valley, the Prairie Elevator Tea House & Museum now stands as a relic of a different era. A living museum, this restored grain elevator is absolutely perfect for those looking to delve deep into Albertan farm history. You can find this elevator in Acadia Valley, a small community with a big interest in agriculture. While the elevator is arguably the community’s biggest attraction, it’s not the only one. For those looking to visit Acadia Valley (and most importantly this elevator), we’ve prepared an itinerary for a daytrip of fun.

Activity #1 – Go Trout Fishing at the Municipal Recreation Dam

This dam is only a short stop away from Acadia Valley but it’s a popular spot with fishermen year-round for one reason: trout fishing. Trout fishing is an incredibly easy and accessible activity that requires no special equipment save for some hooks (and an Alberta fishing licence of course!). With well stocked trout that don’t present themselves as difficult to catch, fishing at the dam is a fun excursion in the making.

ElevatorActivity #2 – Have Afternoon Tea at the Prairie Elevator & Tea House

One of the last standing grain elevators in Alberta, now retrofitted as a museum, gift shop and tea house. Their tours offer a firsthand experience in discovering just exactly how grain was scooped and stored until shipped across the country. Fittingly, a restored CNR train car can also be found on the grounds to visit. The original office is now the tea room and what better place to try out one of their regarded Saskatoon pies or stuffed buns with a nice cup or two?

Activity #3 – Dinner at the Main Street Cafe

You’re going to want to cap off your day with a meal after a long day exploring Acadia Valley. The Main Street Cafe is an excellent choice, no matter if you’re ordering to take with you on your journey home or you elect to dine in. Don’t let the name fool you – this place not only serves breakfast and offers sandwiches but also features a full smattering of dinner options.

Roadtrip Map